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How To Write A Professional CV – Part 1

Your “Summary” The employment search is arguably more challenging than ever. In today’s highly competitive job market, having a professional CV is just so important. It’s the first thing that differentiates you from the competition and is key to securing your next job. Your CV and LinkedIn Profile, is all you have to sell yourself. If

5 Most Common Brexit Questions By Graduate Jobseekers

With constant talk about Brexit on the news and many assumptions being rumoured, it is extremely hard to generalise the likely impact Brexit will have on the graduate job market. In light of this, The CV Squad has carried out research to help answer the 5 most frequently asked questions we get from graduate jobseekers. 1.

What Top Talent Want at Work

Top Talent Don’t Care About Free Lunches The unemployment rate in the United Kingdom has dropped to its lowest since 1975, and employment is at its highest in the last four years, yet workers and their employers don’t appear to be better off. Global reports find: Almost half (48%) of UK employers predicted not being