Happy Friday Feeling!


Friday Afternoon, and what a week!  No doubt the feeling in many workplaces right now, as we run down the last couple of hours of the working week.

So, what better time is there to finish the week and start your weekend with a big smile on your face. Friday feedback meetings are a great way to make this happen, where you come together, talk about the week and identify the goods and the greats. A simple bit of positive additional feedback or an extra thank can really put a smile on a face, just like it has done to us thanks to Maria’s comments about our professional CV Writing Service.

Why not then say thank you to a colleague that helped you and give praise to the people that really shined! Is there a better time to be patted on the back than as you exit the work door for the weekend .. we don’t think so!

Have a great weekend and from all of us at The CV Squad, thank you, Maria, for giving us that Happy Friday Feeling!

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