Interview Preparation

Your application has been successful, and you have been invited to an interview. Now is the time to show just how good you are. Preparation is key and helps you unlock your potential and maximise impact. In our opinion we find that employers are looking at 3 factors that will determine whether or not they hire a candidate:
  1. Can you do the job? Do you have the relevant skills/experience to do the job? It’s likely that the employer thinks you do, you have an interview for a start, but it would still help to prepare questions based on the role you’re going for. Keep it relevant to the role. A profile of work can also be a help in this situation.
  2. Do you want to do the job? Employers will look for answers that will relate to the role and THEIR firm. Prepare answers that look like you have thought about the company you are interviewing for. Employers also look for candidates who are motivated, enthusiastic and eager to impress. Don’t sit there quietly and slouch. Location is important if you’re prepared to relocate for the role – tell the interviewer.
  3. Can they see themselves working with you? Personality, persona, charisma, interests and rapport; employers want to work with people they like. Try and let your personality come out in the interview whilst maintaining a professional manner.

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