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Often employers use Job Application forms to assess the logical, educational and skill abilities of jobseekers to perform particular tasks. Public Sector jobs tend to require an application form as standard whilst, traditionally, Private Sector organisations have been more relaxed and happy with the quicker method of recruiting by requesting just a CV and Cover Letter. With dramatically increased volumes of applications due to the ease of applying on-line, plus job boards offering automatic submissions, more and more employers now request application forms to be completed, to ensure the commitment of each applicant.

Main objectives of an Application Form

The main objective of filling out an application form is to impress the recruiter enough to secure a place in the next round of the selection process. At the CV Squad™ we assist you in filling out your job application forms and personal statements in accordance with your CV, skills and career performance. A job application must showcase your experience and achievements and highlight those which are most directly relevant to the job for which you are applying.

Time consuming and complicated

Application forms come in different formats. Some may ask you to write a bespoke personal statement and explain the reasons for your application. Others may involve a series of filtering and competency based questions related to your education, skills and experience. It is up to the individual employer as to what they ask you and this can be both time consuming and complicated. At the CV Squad we make it easy and help craft the perfect job Application Form that ensures you stand out from the competition.

What to do now

Contact us today and let us help you perfect your application form or support this with our most popular CV, LinkedIn and Cover Letter packages and ensure your message is consistent and concise across all critical content. 

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