How To Conquer ATS And Job Board Search Engines

8 Tips To Land A Job Faster

Securing a new job can quickly get overwhelming. Pending on the industry sector, and according to SWNS Digital, it can take the average jobseeker around 5 months to land a new job.

Being rejected from your job applications can create low self-esteem and can seriously affect your mood and wellbeing, to the point where your job-hunting process feels completely hopeless. The more organised you are, the less likely you will become overwhelmed, and the more prepared you are, the faster you will secure a new job. By creating a step-by-step plan, you approach each step of your job search like it is any other work assignment. By incorporating structure into your daily job search, you accomplish small goals each day. Knowing that you can achieve small goals will help you understand that you can find a new job without getting overwhelmed or frustrated.

We gathered 8 tips to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed, how to organise yourself and to land a job faster.

1. Identify what you want from your next role

Ask yourself: Can I do the job? Do you I want the job? It is so important that you know what you are looking for. In the past, you might have left out the fact that you didn't really like organising paperwork when the job was primarily administrative. Any job can seem attractive when you want to move on, but you will soon realise you have made a mistake if you disrespect your own needs. Identify your priorities - is it the job title, the level of responsibility, salary, travel, career progression, or the work-life balance you want? Don't waste time reading through and applying for jobs that you're ultimately not interested in nor suit you.

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2. Set a Schedule

Spending all day searching for jobs and applying can get exhausting pretty quickly and will cause you a burnout fast. Set times and schedule your step-by-step plan, and structure your job search. Make sure you take some time for yourself to unwind.

3. Invest in a professional CV

Gain a competitive advantage by considering working with a professional CV Service. Working with respected, qualified CV experts who can create a CV that will boost your confidence and, most importantly, ensure your CV presents yourself on paper in the best possible way. We at the CV Squad fully understand how an application process works and what to look out for. You won't miss out on an opportunity due to a silly mistake or poorly structured CV, and you can be confident your CV passes ATS, grabs the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, is skill matched and keyword optimised and showcases your relevant achievements and experience.

4. Update your LinkedIn profile

As well as having a great CV, owning a professional up to date LinkedIn Profile is critical to your career success. 800+ million people use LinkedIn, it is the World's largest and most influential professional online network. It is jam-packed with jobs, and 97% of professional recruiters use it to find and attract people like you and to vet candidates and CVs. According to researchers, being a familiar face makes you 40% more likely to get hired. If you don't already have a Profile - get one! LinkedIn is a very powerful tool that allows you not only to find the right jobs and connect with the best recruiters but it also allows you to present yourself personally.

5. Create a relevant Cover Letter

Often missed, however, having a targeted Cover Letter, can be vital in the modern-day job application process. It is your chance to submit your professional sales proposal, through which you quickly pitch your skills, experience, and relevance to instantly grab attention. Applying with a professional Cover Letter can increase your success by 40%.

6. Set up job alerts

One of the most time-consuming elements of your job search is finding relevant jobs to apply for. It can almost become a full-time job itself. That's where correctly set up job alerts help you. It may take a little time and effort to set up, but the jobs will come to you first once you've put that process in place. There won't be any need to constantly search job boards and company websites. Setting alerts with your ideal role in mind will save you time and deliver the right jobs directly into your inbox.

7. Use Your Network

You don't have to job search alone. Take any help you can get. Make sure you connect with people you know, old colleagues, friends and family and let them know you are job hunting. Reconnect with contacts you have lost touch with. Reaching out to people you may not have spoken to in a while can feel uncomfortable, but maintaining relationships is a critical component of networking. According to CNBC up to 80 per cent of all jobs are filled through personal and professional connections.

8. Stay Positive

Not every job application will lead to an interview, and not every interview will lead to a new job. But that's ok! Focus on what you can learn from the experience rather than feeling rejected. Eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, and reach out to a friend or family member for much-needed emotional support. Exercise and move your body to re-balance your thinking mind; it relieves the symptoms of anxiety and depression. To stay positive, ensure you practice good self-care. It is key to avoid feeling overwhelmed in your job search.

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