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Did you know that in today’s highly competitive job market, backed by the ease and speed of applying on-line, hiring managers are often flooded with hundreds of applications. Large volumes of applications and a lack of time means CVs are skim-read and most are never read to the end. This emphasises the need for a professional and concise Cover Letter. One that makes you stand out, sets the tone of your application and inspires recruiters to read your CV.

Pitch your skills with a Cover Letter

Quite simply, a Cover Letter is a key part of the modern day job application process. Cover Letters are your professional sales proposals through which you quickly pitch your skills, experience and relevance to the job in order to instantly attract attention. 

Your application may be considered as Spam

The techniques for producing a relevant Cover Letter which works time and time again are actually quick and easy to achieve. Having a Cover Letter will definitely pay off, yet surprisingly many people are still tempted to just send their CV instantly and reduce their chances significantly. Worst of all, with no Cover Letter your application may even be considered as Spam!

Minimum effort Maximum results

Recruiters look at the effort you put in when you apply for specific openings. If you have an account with a job board and have selected automatic CV submissions for certain keywords, the end result is that hiring managers will only get an automated message that a job application has been received. Yes, this can save you time, but it also actually greatly reduces your chances of success. If you are looking for the best prospects in your career you need to take advantage of the under recognised power of the Cover Letter. With our Cover Letter Writing Service you maximise the odds of your CV being read and your professional summary short-listed. Our service will help you produce Cover Letters which showcase your skills and expertise and maximise the odds of your CV being shortlisted, whilst being easily tailored time and time again.

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